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Roof Crush

Roof crush generally occurs as a result of rollover accidents. When an automobile, usually an SUV or a Van, rolls over, there is a possibility that the roof of the vehicle will cave in and cause serious injury to the passengers. While the roofs are obviously not the cause of the rollover accident, they are often the causes of the injuries from the rollover accident.

Automobile makers are expected to account for foreseeable kinds of accidents, and rollover accidents are certainly foreseeable in cars that have a high center of gravity. To correct account for roof crush auto makers should make roofs and supports strong enough to withstand a rollover impact.

It has been shown time and time again that auto makers cut corners and neglect to account for contingencies. Previous court cases demonstrated that auto makers were aware that certain roofs would not prevent injury in the case of a rollover accident.

In certain cases, defective manufacturing could be the cause of crushed roofs. A well designed roof can simply be poorly put together and this can cause a crushed roof and by extension serious injury to the passengers.

If you or a loved one have has been injured in a rollover accident in which roof crush took place, contact our attorneys today to schedule a free consultation. We believe you are entitled to just recompense for all injuries sustained, and we believe that the responsible parties ought to always compensate wronged clients.

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