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US L-1 work visa Application

In today's world, more and more people are striving to connect their lives with the United States of America, go there for permanent residence and find a job. If you want to find a job in an American company, then you have such an opportunity. American immigration law establishes a certain procedure for entry and stay in the country for such applicants. For this, potential employees of American companies need to obtain work visas. In most cases, this requires an H visa. It should be noted that the US immigration law establishes many types of work visas. And besides, standard work visas, to facilitate transfers within US companies, a special work visa of the L-1 category is provided. If you have been working in a branch of an American company for more than 3 years and have achieved good results, the company's management can transfer you to an American office through a simplified procedure without issuing time-consuming standard visas. Thus, the L1 visa provides the right to transfer to the American branch / department of an international company, the opening of subsidiaries. Such a visa is mainly issued to  mid-level and higher level management. The management of the company can transfer you to a US office under a simplified procedure without issuing time-consuming standard visas. 


The L-1 US work visa is a non-immigrant visa for transfer to work in a branch of a parent company opened in the United States, an affiliate or subsidiary of an employer in the United States in a senior position (manager, director, top manager or other position), requiring special knowledge. The validity of an L-1 visa is from 1 to 3 years, and if necessary, can be extended for up to 5 years. An important condition for approval in issuing an L-1 visa is the fact that you have to have been continuously working for the same employer abroad in a managerial position for at least 1 year during the previous three years. In addition, if you are a registered self-employed person, this will also play in your favor when applying for an L-1 visa.


Please note that accompanying family members who are holders of an L-1 visa category, for accompanying close relatives of an employee (spouse, children under the age of 21) are guaranteed an opportunity to receive an L-2 visa. The lawyers and attorneys working with the law office of Gregory Krasovsky will be able to assist you in obtaining these categories of work visas.


However, the procedure for issuing visas of this category is quite complicated, because the US immigration law has many nuances, especially considering that American law does not apply to the civil law system. In addition, for the correct application of an L-1 visa, knowledge of US corporate law is required, because the process of transferring an employee of a managerial position to another enterprise may require additional documents (charter, registration certificate, tax returns, etc.). Therefore, the process of obtaining an American L-1 work visa is quite time-consuming and costly. In this case, it is necessary to find an inviting employer, fill out a certain number of documents and pass an interview at a consular organization. Of course, you can get an L-1 work visa on your own, however, qualified legal assistance will eliminate the risks when applying for a specific L-1 work visa and significantly speed up the process of obtaining it, which is very important, since delay in obtaining this visa can adversely affect the client’s future career. Therefore, highly qualified specialists in the field of US immigration law are in demand, because obtaining an L-1 work visa in the United States requires knowledge of not only American legislation, but also US legal norms and international law. 


The lawyers and attorneys working with the law office of Gregory Krasovsky have many years of experience in this category of cases. We can say that the resolution of issues on US immigration law, namely, obtaining an L-1 work visa in the United States, is our strong point, because we, first of all, specialize in knowledge of international law. Gregory Krasovsky, head of legal advice, has worked in the United States of America for many years and has helped many clients successfully immigrate to the United States.


Our lawyers and attorneys will be able to provide you with the following professional assistance in obtaining an L-1 work visa in the United States:


  • complete required applications and petitions, including the Labor Condition Application;
  • prepare and submit a petition to the US immigration Service on Form I-797;
  • complete an application form DS-160;
  • request and obtain a labor certification from the US Department of Labor;
  • find an employer, prepare and submit an application from the employer for transfer and official employment in the United States;
  • prepare a written contract between the employer and the client issuing employment;
  • prepare and submit a certificate from the current or former employer confirming the position, total work experience in the company and income;
  • pay the consular fee in the prescribed amount;
  • prepare an application to immigration services;
  • translate and certify documents on immigration cases;
  • prepare and record the client for an interview at the immigration services;
  • prepare and submit documents confirming graduation from educational institutions in the clients’ country of origin;
  • collect, prepare and submit additional certificates confirming financial solvency to consular offices (if necessary);
  • assist in obtaining a visa permit in case of refusal to provide an L-1 work visa;
  • extend the validity of the L-1 work visa while continuing employment in the United States (this visa is extended twice for a period of two years);
  • collect and prepare the necessary documents for obtaining US citizenship;
  • obtain immigration status to obtain US citizenship;
  • professionally conduct a mediation procedure and pre-trial settlement of the conflict (Pre-trial settlement of the dispute with the involvement of a professional negotiator);
  • carry out claim work;
  • represent the interests of the client in court;
  • prepare procedural documents (claims, petitions, reviews, appeals);
  • prepare and conclude any necessary types of international legal agreements between the parties involved in the case;
  • achieve execution of decisions of foreign courts on the territory of the United States and decisions of American courts abroad.


In addition, lawyers and attorneys working with The Law Office of Gregory Krasovsky support litigations on the enforcement of foreign judgments in the United States and judgments issued in the United States in foreign courts.


Please note that The lawyers and attorneys working with the Law Firm of Gregory Krasovsky provide legal services for obtaining an L-1 work visa to the United States, both on the territory of the United States and on the territory of foreign countries. Knowledge of Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian languages ​​is an additional advantage of our specialists.


The lawyers and attorneys working with The Law Office of Gregory Krasovsky will competently help you in obtaining an L-1 work visa to the United States for citizens of Ukraine, Russia, the European Union or other states, protect your interests in judicial and state bodies like the United States, as well as abroad.


To make our services as easily available as possible, the law office of Gregory provides its services for obtaining an L-1 work visa to the United States in both in-person and remote formats.


When contacting our specialists, you will receive a qualified legal assessment, which includes a forecast on the possibility of resolving your issue on obtaining an L-1 work visa in the United States. The lawyers and attorneys working with Krasovsky and Partners value their professional reputation and take only those cases that should end in a positive resolution of your issue.

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