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Legal Help For Foreign students in Ukraine

The Law Offices of Gregory Krasovsky and attorneys working with us in Ukraine, the United States of America, and Russia can provide foreign students, their families, and loved ones with competent legal representation in all areas of Ukrainian, American and Russian law, including but not limited to:
- Immigration Law,
- Family Law,
- Personal Injury Law,
- Consumer Protection Law,
- Administrative Law,
- Criminal Law,
- Inheritance law, wills and estates,
- Corporate Law, including protecting the rights of owners, shareholders, investors and creditors,
- Contract Law, including International Business Transactions,
- Real Estate & Construction Law,
- Finance & Banking Law,
- Securities Law,
- Customs Law,
- Cryptocurrencies, blockchain, DeFi and DAO
and all other areas of civil, administrative, criminal and international law where our lawyers -- including independent attorneys who work with and for our law office in Ukraine, America, Russia and other countries -- have expertise. 

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