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Legal Protection for Child Abuse Victims (Physical Abuse)

In today's world, the borders of states are being erased and global priorities are increasingly taking the place of national interests. These changes affected not only political and economic factors, but also the most important thing in society - the family. If earlier marriages were concluded mainly between citizens of the same country, representatives of the same race and adherents of the same religion, now interethnic and interracial family relations are developing more and more in the world. These global processes did not bypass the United States either. In these phenomena, he draws special attention to the fact that in the process of both officially registered relations and in a civil marriage, a large number of children are born, in order to protect the interests of which it is necessary to use the norms of international family law. Statistics show that there are many cases when children are subjected to physical, emotional, psychological or economic abuse. So, according to statistics, only in the countries of the European Union, 35% of parents use corporal punishment (up to burns, stab wounds to children. In addition, in interethnic families, the role of various traditions in raising children is great. What is right in one system is strictly prohibited in another.

Given the above factors, at the moment there is a great demand for highly qualified specialists in the field of international family law, because now the resolution of issues in the field of protecting children in case of physical violence requires knowledge not only of American legislation, but also of the legal norms of other states, as well as international treaties.

The lawyers and attorneys working with the law office of Gregory Krasovsky will provide you with the following professional assistance in resolving disputes on the protection of a child in case of physical violence in the following areas:

  • in case of direct assault on a child: beatings, slaps, bites, burns, shaking ( when an adult shakes it strongly);
  • when torturing a child;
  • if the health of the child was harmed;
  • if the child was shouted at, intimidated, instilling fear with the help of actions, gestures, looks, using their height, age for intimidation, threatening violence against others (the child's parents, friends, animals;
  • if against the child intentionally or accidentally, due to excessive physical impact, “we didn’t calculate the forces."

For more information on resolving these and other issues, see the relevant sections of the website

At the same time, our specialists in the field of international family law will be able to implement the following ways to protect a child in case of physical violence:

  • bringing perpetrators to criminal responsibility (for all types of physical and sexual abuse of children, as well as under a number of articles for mental abuse and for neglecting the basic needs of children, lack of care for them, criminal liability is provided (Articles 110-113, 115- 119, 124, 125, 131-135, 156, 157 of the Criminal Code of the United States);
  • bringing the perpetrators to administrative responsibility (neglect of the basic needs of the child and failure to fulfill the obligations for his maintenance and upbringing are subject to administrative liability in accordance with the Code of Administrative Offenses of the United States (Art. 5.35.);
  • bringing perpetrators to civil liability (for child abuse, parents or persons replacing them are held liable in accordance with the Family Code of the United States (Art. 69 - deprivation of parental rights, Art. 73 - restriction of parental rights, Art. 77 - removal of a child in case of a threat to life or health);
  • deprivation of parental rights;
  • restriction of parental rights;
  • cancellation of adoption.

For more information about the implementation of these and other ways to protect the rights of a child, see the relevant sections of the website

lawyers and attorneys working with legal advice Krasovsky and Partners will protect the child in case of physical violence in international legal relations in the following bodies and institutions:

  • guardianship and guardianship authorities;
  • commission on juvenile affairs and protection of their rights
  • prosecutor's office;
  • internal affairs bodies;
  • courts;
  • special schools, boarding schools;
  • religious institutions;
  • diplomatic missions;
  • consular offices. 

will help to begin the implementation of a qualified rehabilitation of a child after physical abuse through interaction with psychologists for psychotherapy, individual and group consultations and trainings. We especially note that our qualified specialists, depending on the legal assessment of the situation, can represent both the child himself and his parent or guardian by proxy.


In addition, The lawyers and attorneys working with the Krasovsky and Partners legal consultancy are engaged in supporting enforcement proceedings on the enforcement of decisions of foreign courts on the territory of the United States and judgments issued on the territory of the United States in foreign courts.

The advantage of lawyers and attorneys working with The Law Office of Gregory Krasovsky is knowledge of such basic international documents related to children's rights as the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the World Declaration on Ensuring the Survival, Protection and Development of Children.

Please note that The lawyers and attorneys working with Gregory Krasovsky Law Firm provide legal services in international family law both in the United States and in foreign countries. Knowledge of Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian languages ​​is an additional advantage of our specialists.

At the same time, we protect the interests of not only minor American citizens, but also citizens of foreign countries and stateless persons under the age of 18. The lawyers and attorneys working with the law office of Gregory Krasovsky will competently help you in resolving legal situations in which a citizen of Russia, Ukraine, the European Union or other states is a party, they will protect your interests in judicial and state bodies of both the United States and and abroad.

The lawyers and attorneys working with The Law Office of Gregory Krasovsky have partners who provide relevant legal services in the European Union, which significantly increases the effectiveness of our work in resolving issues related to the protection of children in case of physical abuse.

At the same time, 

Taking into account modern life realities, The lawyers and attorneys working with the legal advice office Krasovsky and Partners additionally provide services to protect minors from physical violence in both in-person and remote formats.

When contacting our specialists, you will receive a qualified legal assessment, which includes a forecast of the possibility of resolving your issue of protecting a child from physical abuse. The lawyers and attorneys working with Krasovsky and Partners value their professional reputation and take only those cases that should end in a positive resolution of your issue.

As practice shows, the protection of children from physical violence in international disputes requires qualified legal assistance, since minors do not have full legal capacity and cannot fully protect their rights, which is used by people who violate these rights. The lawyers and attorneys working with the law office of Gregory Krasovsky have many years of experience in this category of cases. We can say that the resolution of disputes in international family law is our strong point, because we, first of all, specialize in knowledge of international law. Gregory Krasovsky, head of the legal consultancy, has worked abroad for many years and has a serious practice in international legal cases.

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