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Information Technology

The attorneys of the Law Offices of Gregory Krasovsky provide the whole array of legal services to firms providing services in information technology, such as telecommunication companies, Internet providers, and web-based businesses. Our attorneys have experience with working with multinational telecommunications companies and are intimately familiar with the complex sets of laws pertaining to this globalized field. It is because all information technology companies in some sense provide services, or at least facilitate them, internationally that it is crucial to have attorneys familiar with international law.

Additionally, each jurisdiction has widely different regulations concerning information technologies. What is legal in one area is alas illegal in a different area. Hence, regulatory compliance is crucial for such firms. An accidental breach of the law can quickly become a “bet-the-company” issue.

Along with providing legal advice on regulatory compliance and proper permit acquisition, our firm specializes in more generic issues relevant to all businesses such as corporate finance, corporate governance, and corporate restructuring.

The attorneys of the Law Offices of Gregory Krasovsky have the following experience with information technologies and telecommunications industries. 

  • Developing and advising a telecommunications holding company specializing in fixed wireless broadband solutions for the Russian market. Provided M&A consultancy in the identification and selection of regional companies as well as due diligence work on potential investment targets.
  • Assuring legal compliance in a quickly evolving regulatory environment.
  • Supervising several subsidiary companies offering services to local operator companies in providing data transmission, VOIP telephony and internet access services.
  • Developing a non-profit comparative law center and internet portal aimed at providing comparative law research to legislative branches of foreign governments.
  • As a principal, developing an IT services company in Russia specializing in provision of computer equipment and services primarily to multinational corporations and government agencies.

For more information about the services that we provide to information technology firms, please contact our staff.

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