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US Immigration Law

In today's world, more and more people are striving to connect their lives with the United States of America, go there for permanent residence, and find a job. However, this procedure is quite complicated, because US immigration law has many nuances, especially considering that American law does not belong to the civil law system, unlike Russian and European (excluding the United Kingdom). Therefore, highly qualified specialists in the field of US immigration law are in demand, because the resolution of immigration issues requires knowledge not only of American legislation, but also of US legal norms and international law.

The lawyers and attorneys working with the law office of Gregory Krasovsky have many years of experience in this category of cases. It can be said that resolving issues on US immigration law is our strong point, because we, first of all, specialize in knowledge of international law. Gregory Krasovsky, head of the legal advisory office, has worked in the United States of America for many years and has helped many clients successfully immigrate to the United States.

The lawyers and attorneys working with the law office of Gregory Krasovsky will provide you with the following professional assistance in resolving issues on US immigration law in the following areas:

  • obtaining US citizenship;
  • obtaining a residence permit in the United States;
  • obtaining political asylum in the United States;
  • starting and running a business in the USA;
  • protection during inspections and searches by immigration officers;


Obtaining the following categories of immigrant and non-immigrant visas:

  • immigrant investment visas to the United States EB-5 (with a green card in 2-3 years after application);
  • US business visas. (For businessmen and investors - using USCIS business and investment programs: L-1 / E-1 / E-2 / E-3 visas);
  • Visas for O-1 and EB-1 for individuals with extraordinary ability or achievement;
  • US work visas H-1B (specialty occupations);
  • R-1 visas (religious workers);
  • US immigrant visas EB-2 / EB-3 for qualified professionals (having a master's or bachelor's degree) with a green card in 1-2 years;
  • US visas for brides and grooms, immigration through marriage;
  • representation and defense in immigration court, defense against deportation and other immigration matters;
  • family reunification in the US;
  • obtaining a green card for work and investment in the United States;
  • US visa extension
  • immigration for representatives of the LGBT community;
  • immigration for IT specialists;
  • cancellation of deportation for illegal immigrants.

At the same time, our specialists in US immigration law will be able to:

  • draft and finalize a history of political asylum and find relevant evidence:
  • medical certificates (evidence of beatings, statements, photographs);
  • documents from law enforcement agencies (protocols, agendas, resolutions);
  • testimony of witnesses;
  • photographs and video materials;
  • clippings from newspapers, magazines, links to online publications;
  • complete forms I-589;
  • fill out Form I-526;
  • translate and certify documents on immigration cases;
  • prepare the client for an interview with immigration services;
  • submit petitions to the US Embassy;
  • fill out and submit applications for the Green Card Lottery;
  • defend in court against deportation from the United States;
  • collect and prepare the necessary documents for obtaining US citizenship;
  • obtain immigration status to gain US citizenship;
  • provide support under the EB-5 program: US citizenship through investment;
  • professionally conduct a mediation procedure and pre-trial settlement;
  • carry out claim work;
  • represent the interests of the client in court;
  • prepare procedural documents (claims, petitions, reviews, appeals);
  • prepare and conclude any necessary types of international legal agreements between the parties in a case


In addition, the lawyers and attorneys working with The Law Office of Gregory Krasovsky support litigations on the enforcement of foreign judgments in the United States and judgments issued in the United States in foreign courts.

Please note that the lawyers and attorneys working with the Law Firm of Gregory Krasovsky provide legal services on US immigration law both on the territory of the United States and on the territory of foreign states. Knowledge of Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian languages ​​is an additional advantage of our specialists.

At the same time, we protect the interests of not only American citizens, but also citizens of foreign states and stateless persons. The lawyers and attorneys working with the law office of Gregory Krasovsky will competently help you in resolving legal situations in which a citizen of Russia, Ukraine, the United States, the European Union or other states is a party, they will protect your interests in judicial and state bodies of both the United States and and abroad.

To make our services as easily available as possible, the law office of Gregory provides its services on US immigration law in both in-person and remote formats.

When contacting our specialists, you will receive a qualified legal assessment, which includes a forecast of the possibility of resolving your issue under US immigration law. The lawyers and attorneys working with the law office of Gregory Krasovsky value their professional reputation and take only those cases that should end in a positive resolution of your issue.

Establishing trust with clients is our number-one priority.  75% of clients repeatedly turn to us for legal assistance. Trust the professionals!

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