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Defective Car Seats

A number of studies have indicated that children under a certain age should sit in specially made child seats that provide better protection in the event of a car accident or other turbulence. However, some child seats fail to fulfill the function for which they were built and fail to protect the child or even exacerbate the injury. In fact, according to a Consumer Reports study, the majority of child seats on the market fail to provide adequate protection in even low speed accidents.

Defective seats can have a number of different defects. Obviously most of them are caused by poor manufacturing practices in overseas factories, notably those in China. Some possible defects include:

  • Malfunctioning Handles
  • Defective Harness
  • Poorly Attached Parts
  • Separation of Base from Shell
  • Flammable or Toxic Materials
  • Sudden Release
  • Insufficient Adherence to Safety Standards
  • Sudden Release

Any of the above defects is a serious cause for concern, which directly endangers your child. Litigation against manufacturers can help ensure that future seats will be built with more integrity.

If your child has been injured as a result of a defective car seat, you may be entitled to compensation. contact our attorneys today to schedule a free consultation; we believe that manufacturers of shoddy products ought to be held accountable for their gross malfeasance.

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