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Soil Contamination

The environmental litigation attorneys working with the Law Offices of Gregory Krasovsky provide legal support and representation to any plaintiff who is pursuing a legitimate soil contamination lawsuit. Soil contamination is often difficult to prove, especially if the source of the contamination is distant from the land. It is crucial to enlist the support of a skilled soil contamination lawyer to help you navigate through the legal hurdles. Contact a soil contamination attorney today to help you secure the soil contamination settlement that you rightly deserve.

Soil contamination can have many causes – pesticide use, herbicide use, oil and natural gas spills, and underwater storage facilities. It is the responsibility of corporations who use dangerous chemicals to ensure that they do not infect soil and cause harm to others. Soil contamination can make crops die out or become contaminated with toxic chemicals. Animals, which eat contaminated plants, can also be contaminated, and if that animal is then eaten by a human, the contamination can reach the eater.

Sometimes oil and natural gas companies lease land from other people (this is happening in large numbers with the recent proliferation of hydraulic fracturing) and then fail to clean up the contaminated soil. Usually leases are signed with certain provisions that mandate the land be returned in proper condition. If you believe your lease has been violated, contact our contract lawyers.

Soil contamination can come from many sources. and this soil contamination law firm can handle cases in all of the following areas:

Soil contamination is often caused by water contamination, as that is the way that the contaminants often make it to a new location.

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