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A divorce lawyer working with family law division of the Law Offices of Gregory Krasovsky can help men and women caught in divorces engage in successful divorce litigation or divorce mediation. Our divorce attorneys are ready and willing to facilitate uncontested and contested divorces, as well as no fault and at-fault divorces. Contact our skilled divorce lawyers today and take the first step to reclaiming your life.

Divorce is a grueling and uncomfortable procedure. Obviously, no one gets seriously married with an expectation of getting a divorce. As such, when two people want to separate they might find themselves sharing a number of possessions, such as homes, cars, and bank accounts. Spousal support often causes a lot of controversy because one spouse thinks it is unfair that he or she has to support the other. Of course, the most contentious issue in a divorce is usually custody of children and visitation rights. Our divorce attorneys are prepared to ensure that your children are kept as safe as possible and in the most responsible hands.

Our attorneys can help you handle both contested and uncontested divorces. While uncontested divorces seem simple, the help of a competent divorce attorney is always invaluable to ensuring that you are receiving fair treatment. Fortunately, most divorces that take place in the United States are uncontested divorces. Contested divorces are more difficult and are generally the product of intense disagreement between the parties involved.

Furthermore, our attorneys can help facilitate collaborative divorce proceedings in which attorneys provide guidance for both parties outside of court in hope of reaching an agreement, but then are not allowed to represent either party if a successful agreement is not reached.

Currently, all 50 states have no-fault divorce laws, which mean that spouses are able to have a divorce just because of incompatibility or other differences. In the past, only at-fault divorces were permitted. In these, one party had to commit some perfidious act in order to justify the divorce such as commit adultery. In either case, our attorneys are well-prepared to handle either kind of divorce. However, being “at-fault” might have some impact on the judge's distribution of alimony.

Our attorneys are skilled at assisting in audits of all commonly owned assets to ensure either equitable distribution or fair spousal support. If your spouse or former spouse is hiding assets, our attorneys are committed to ensuring that those hidden assets become distributed in a fair way. Spouses who are ordered to pay child support are usually those who are most likely to withhold or hide information about assets. This is not only illegal, but it also is effectively stealing from your own children. However, sometimes a spouse might demand too much for child support in order to protect his or her own assets for private use.

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The attorneys at this divorce law firm are experienced and committed fighting for your rights and rightful belongings.

If you are thinking about divorce, or if you are already involved in a divorce and need additional assistance, contact our understanding, patient, and, most importantly, skilled divorce lawyers today to help you get through this tough time as effectively and painlessly as possible.

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