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Agriculture and food industry:

- Represented businesses in bankruptcy cases. Represented minority and majority shareholders, including the Federal government of the Russian Federation, in agricultural enterprises. He provided legal services and advice in the field of corporate governance and corporate Finance. Our clients include 5 leading grain elevators in Russia, animal feed producers, fish farms, grain farms and horse farms.

- Served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Russian food production company, which is one of the top ten leading food production companies.


- Developed and provided consulting services on biotechnology, specializing in gene therapy, research of column cells, protein activators of the immune system and antioxidants. Provided advice to several research groups on attracting venture capital funding and developing business planning.

- Provided advice to a Russian state research institution specializing in the cultivation of TRANS-genetic animals for anti-cancer research and for the production of various anti-cancer medicines. Provided strategic planning, investor search, and legal assistance services.

Financial and banking services:

– Provided legal assistance and collaborated with companies in the field of legal Finance.

- Provided management, strategic planning, marketing and commercial development advice to a leading us legal Finance company. He supervised several departments of client companies, developed and implemented procedural performance standards and corporate rules, and provided training for staff and Department management.

- Provided General advice on corporate Finance, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance and marketing of hedge funds for a leading Russian asset management brokerage company.

- Served as Managing Director for corporate Finance and stock markets, developed a five-year business plan for the investment banking Department of one of the leading banks in Russia, the majority shareholder of which is one of the five leading banks in France. Conducted training sessions for professionals in mergers and acquisitions. Led Advisory projects on corporate issues, mergers and acquisitions with a market value of more than $100 million.

- Provided consulting services to one of the top 10 Russian banks regarding the private investment Fund. Participated in the legal restructuring of the Fund and determining investment conditions, selecting potential partners, evaluating them and negotiating with them, selecting the Fund's management, identifying and evaluating potential portfolio companies.

- Provided advice to shareholders of advanced Baltic Bank regarding shareholder rights and management supervision. He was engaged in public relations, represented the company before state securities regulatory authorities, United a significant group of shareholders among institutional investors, as a result of which he successfully changed the terms and held new negotiations regarding the buyout by a strategic investor (one of the top 5 European banking groups) and the main shareholder.

- Provided legal and consulting services on mergers and acquisitions for a private equity investor in one of Russia's top 5 Financial Industrial Groups, which owns shares in leading companies in the oil and gas and petrochemical industries.transportation and food processing companies. He served as senior and middle management, coordinating successful m & a projects, and managed successful defense against hostile takeovers of assets with a market value of $10 million to $1 billion.

- As Deputy Vice-President in the representative office of an advanced Swiss-American Bank, he managed the implementation of a multi-million dollar project and supervised trade Finance transactions in the oil and non-oil production, gold mining and textile industries in Russia.


- Invited by a leading Russian boutique corporate Finance company that specializes in mergers and acquisitions in the metallurgical and energy industries with first-class asset management experience. Structured m & a transactions, established and temporarily headed the legal Department, participated in tax planning of internal operations and acquisitions, developed and implemented policy documents and plans for privatization, coordinated with local and regional authorities, conducted audits of potential takeover targets, and negotiated with foreign investors.

- Represented the management and shareholders of advanced Russian pipe production in a takeover bid for a rival pipe manufacturing plant. Conducted audits, assessed funding options, and was responsible for government relations.

Oil, gas and petrochemical products:

- Participated in the vertical integration of a leading Russian oil company. He headed the legal team responsible for the strategy of legal defense against minority and majority shareholders who did not agree with the company's decision. Established a precedent in the area of shareholder rights protection and corporate governance strategy, neutralized the main attempt at a "soft blackmail" strategy, and successfully negotiated a buyout offer for clients.

- Headed a team of lawyers who represented minority portfolio shareholders of several petrochemical companies. Provided an advanced Russian financial and industrial group with protection of shareholders ' rights in anticipation of a buyout offer from a strategic investor.

Real estate and construction:

- Provided corporate Finance and legal advice to a leading Russian real estate development company that specializes in shopping centers. Provided advice on preparing business plans and financing options by raising debt capital/ private equity.

- As the lead investment Manager, supervised the development of a real estate and construction company that specializes in renovation and leasing of residential and commercial space to foreign companies that have expanded their activities in Russia, including more than 10 firms included in the American list of the most successful Fortune 500 companies.

Telecommunications/ IT:

- Established and provided consulting services to a telecommunications holding company that specializes in specific wireless wide-band coverage for the Russian market. Provided advice on mergers and acquisitions at the stage of identification and selection of regional companies, as well as conducted an audit of potential takeover targets. Ensured compliance with regulatory standards. He supervised several subsidiaries in providing information transfer services for local operators, VOIP telephony, and Internet access.

- Established the non-profit center for comparative law and launched an Internet portal for effective research in the field of comparative law for the legislative branches of foreign governments.

- As a Managing Director, established an Internet technology services company in Russia that specializes in supplying computer equipment and services, primarily to multinational corporations and government agencies.

Transport/ transportation:

- Represented a minority portfolio shareholder with a stake in an advanced Russian automobile plant. Successfully defended the rights of shareholders – to prevent the withdrawal of assets and the stock split, and increased financial transparency and oversight over management. These results ensured a successful buyout of the company by a stretegic investor.

- Represented a group of minority shareholders, including advanced oil companies, in an oil transportation company. Provided expanded representation of the Board of Directors, supervision of management, financial transparency, and prevented asset divestment initiated by the majority shareholder. Provided favorable shareholder agreement on corporate governance and restructuring issues.

Tourism and travel:

- provided advice on mergers and acquisitions, General corporate Finance, corporate governance and organizational issues for shareholders of one of the top 5 operators in Russia and travel Agency networks. He restructured the terms of investment in private investment funds and debt instruments for potential investors.





2006 – present

Providing legal services in the areas of corporate law, family law (including international family law), immigration law, real estate, pharmaceutical law,

Represented the interests of foreign investors in American real estate. Supported transactions for the acquisition of real estate, registration and support of legal entities, conclusion of contracts with tenants and contractors.

Represented legal Finance companies as a part-time legal adviser with a lawyer licensed in the state of new York. He resolved contractual disputes and returned investments through arbitration and court proceedings. Hired and coordinated the work of local legal advisors from different jurisdictions. Engaged in in-depth research and provided advice, including for litigation, on issues of Federal Arbitration Act and issues of arbitration with defendants. Coordinated work with local lawyers, including applications from creditors and third parties in bankruptcy litigation. Oversaw cooperation with local prosecutors, law enforcement agencies, and the disciplinary Council of lawyers regarding lawyers ' offenses. Coordinated with local lawyers compliance with state financial legislation and Executive regulations.




2004 - 2008

Established a consulting company that provides legal, management and operational Advisory services in the field of legal Finance. Developed, implemented, and supervised execution, alternative dispute resolution, marketing, and commercial development programs. Analyzed and made changes to the investment evaluation methodology, risk assessment technologies, and internal reporting procedures. Conducted training for employees of client companies. He was involved in monitoring the resolution of cases of lawyers ' offenses and economic crimes related to various ethics committees of state lawyers, local prosecutors, and law enforcement agencies. Participated in drafting the most effective practices and self-regulatory mechanisms for the American Legal Finance Association (“ALFA”). Performed supervision over the activities of companies among themselves regarding the prevention of investment losses and the collection of investments. Provided legal services to participants in the legal aid market in the field of legal financing.


KRASOVSKY & PARTNERS, LLC, Moscow, Russian Federation


1998 - 2004

Established and managed a legal and investment consulting company that deals with the following issues:

Direct investment/private equity: Represented the interests of foreign and national shareholders of Russian portfolio companies, specializing in the acquisition and management of Russian industrial assets. Assessed potential investments for Russian and foreign shareholders of investment funds. Structured direct investments in Russian companies. Developed and implemented a corporate governance strategy, ways to protect clients from other shareholders, and interference from company management or the government. Provided advice on the creation of Russian investment funds, including legal structuring of investment funds, strategy development and selection of the management team. Acted in negotiations for clients with national and foreign creditors, Federal & municipal government authorities, and other shareholders.

Corporate governance: Represented minority and majority shareholders in cases of corporate governance violations and other violations of shareholders ' rights. Represented plaintiffs and defendants (shareholders and company officials) during criminal investigations concerning corporate misdeeds of company management.

Corporate Finance, mergers and acquisitions: Structured mergers and acquisitions and engaged in company audits. Developed financial projects for acquisitions and financing plans for portfolio companies. Advised on the privatization of Russian state-owned enterprises and investments in Russian private corporations with a significant share of state capital.

Legal advice: Provided legal advice and legal assistance in legal proceedings to foreign and national shareholders (investors) of Russian corporations, including representation in disputes between shareholders and management of the company. Represented Russian companies, including major state-owned companies (creditors and debtors) in bankruptcy cases. Provided advice to foreign and domestic patent holders and individuals who have applied for intellectual property rights, as well as conducted audits of Russian intellectual property rights for foreign investors and potential buyers of such rights.

Audit and tax advice: Provided tax planning services to clients in the Russian Federation, including clients who are foreign investors, representative offices and subsidiaries of foreign firms. Developed tax optimization structures with the participation of multinational groups and offshore jurisdictions. Represented clients in the Russian tax authorities.


ROSBANK, Moscow, Russian Federation

Acting Managing Director, Corporate Finance

2003 - 2003

He served as Managing Director of corporate Finance at the investment banking Department of one of the top 10 banks in the Russian Federation. Responsibilities included General management functions in the corporate Finance and development division of the Department's three-year strategic plan.

Areas of expertise: mergers and acquisitions, transactions involving equity investment and private equity, corporate restructuring and compliance with corporate governance.


CLAREMONT GROUP OF COMPANIES, Moscow, Russian Federation


1994 - 1998

Commercial consulting services for European, American and Russian clients in the areas of trade Finance, project Finance and corporate Finance.

Investment advice on the development of the Russian real estate market, food production and medical services. He studied the Russian private equity market and long-term liability markets for a consulting company with Cypriot capital. Participated in acquisitions and sales of Russian securities on behalf of foreign institutional investors and private investors. Provided advice to clients on the Russian securities market.

Legal advice for foreign clients, including business audits, as well as accounting and audit services. Represented foreign and national shareholders in shareholder disputes. Coordinated dispute resolution with liquidation commissions, auditors, lawyers, and law enforcement agencies.

Organizational consulting and interim management services for a European tax and audit firm on issues related to its poorly functioning subsidiary in Russia.

Direct investment management company that provides computer services related to the import, wholesale and retail trade of computer parts and devices. Information technology consulting services, including Internet consulting, mass storage solutions for large corporate and government clients.

Supervision of direct investment in real estate and construction companies. Services in the field of commercial real estate, including representation of the interests of the landlord and tenant, and brokerage services. Development services such as feasibility studies, market research, and financial planning. Construction services included General Contracting and construction management.



Deputy Vice President

1993 - 1994

The areas of responsibility were project Finance, corporate Finance, and commercial Finance. Supervising several investment projects in the oil, precious metals, and textile industries. Coordinated relations with major Russian banks regarding the opening and monitoring of correspondent Bank accounts.


SKADDEN, ARPS, SLATE, MEAGHER & FLOM, Moscow, Russian Federation

Summer associate/intern


Engaged in research in the field of Russian commercial and corporate law. Drafting and checking legal documents to support international transactions, including licensing agreements and joint projects. Developed a database of Russian banking legislation.



Police officer

1989 - 1992

Assignments in the Patrol Bureau, Transit division, and citywide Tactical Response Teams. Awarded several distinctions, constantly maintained a high level of arrests in all divisions of the service and without a single complaint. Areas of expertise: enforcement of drug laws, firearms offenses, recovery of stolen cars, and apprehension of fugitive offenders.



Attorney's license: District of Columbia, from 2006.

Auditor's license: Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, 1999-2002.




Columbia College, Bachelor of arts degree, Political Science


Honors: National Merit Scholarship, Dean's List


UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

The Law School, Juris Doctorate program

1992 – 1993

1 year of legal education - equivalent to the LL.M Program

Honors: recipient of the Tola research scholarship


The PEOPLES ' FRIENDSHIP UNIVERSITY, Moscow, Russian Federation, United States

Faculty of Law, specialty "Administrative and civil law",

1995 - 1998

Specialist Diploma - Russian Lawyer


WIDENER UNIVERSITY, Wilmington, Delaware, USA

Law school, postgraduate Program,


Selected courses in the J. D. Program



ORDZHONIKIDZE STATE Academy of MANAGEMENT, Moscow, Russian Federation

Specialized training center

Course of accounting standards of the Russian Federation, Certified accountant 1997

Course of Russian securities regulation 1997


MOSCOW STATE UNIVERSITY, Moscow, Russian Federation

Faculty of Economics, Course on auditing standards of the Russian Federation

for the certificate of auditor of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation 1997



Center for anti-crisis commercial management 1998

Certification courses on bankruptcy of a Trustee. Certified for certification and licensing by the Russian Federal service for bankruptcy and restructuring ("FSDN/FSFO").



English and Russian are native languages. Fluency in the Ukrainian language. Limited command of Hebrew, Spanish, and German.



Hobbies include mountain Biking, photography, comparative theology and religious history, international relations, and volunteer civil assistance in international natural disasters. 

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