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Stray Voltage

Stray voltage is an electrical phenomenon that occurs in which electrical potential exists between two points that should not have any voltage difference between them. Sometimes stray voltage occurs as a result of faulty equipment and at other times because of poor planning of the electrical grid.

While small voltages are generally innocuous, large voltages can have egregious effects; for example, large voltages can cause electrocution, fires, and serious damage to dairy herds.

Virtually every farm has some issues with stray voltage; however, most farms do not have significantly high voltage to cause damage to dairy production.

Dairy cows might be affected by stray voltage if they exhibit irregular eating and drinking habits, including twitching and decreased appetite. Additionally, dairy cows might be excessively hesitant to be milked; furthermore, milk yields might decrease.

While there are ways to prevent stray voltage (one should contact an electrical engineer for this), power companies are sometimes responsible for damage caused to dairy production. There have been a number of stray voltage lawsuits in which dairy farmers have successfully undertaken legal action against utility companies.

Additionally, stray voltage has the potential to cause injury to humans, such as agricultural workers, if it is present in significantly high voltage. Those injured in such a way may be entitled to stray voltage compensation. Our stray voltage attorneys have personal injury experience and will seek to secure a stray voltage lawsuit settlement for you.

If you need a stray voltage lawyer, the Law Offices of Gregory Krasovsky can provide you with excellent legal representation to secure a stray voltage settlement. We understand that stray voltage lawsuits can be difficult to prove, but we bring the best expert witnesses to bear for the exclusive purposes of bring just compensation to our clients. Contact our attorneys today to schedule a free consultation.

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