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Legal Finance

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Gregory Krasovsky provide an array of services to the legal finance industry. We have close relationships with a number of legal finance companies, and have also supported these companies in consulting roles. Additionally, we provide consultative services to law firms seeking to acquire legal funding. Our legal finance connections are not exclusively domestic; instead, we work with legal companies in most countries where legal funding is legal, such as England and Australia.

We are committed to legal finance as an industry because, to our minds, it helps to level the playing field in the legal profession. It allows attorneys without vast cash reserves to challenge well-funded law firms; it allows plaintiffs without a penny in their pockets to file effective claims against multi-national corporations. In order for the legal system to fulfill its primary role--to equitably disburse justice--it is crucial that all parties have equal access to legal recourse.

Our attorneys have worked with and developed substantial rapport with a number of legal finance groups, and we strive to bring our experience and networking to bear for the benefit of our clients. Some of the services we have provided to the legal finance industry include, amongst others:

  • Representing major legal finance companies as external counsels.
  • Provided operational, paralegal, and management consulting services to legal funding groups in previous business ventures.
  • Facilitating the acquisition of funding for major personal injury and malpractice law firms.
  • Participating in formulating best practices and self-regulation mechanisms for the American Legal Finance Association.
  • Analyzing and modifying investment evaluation methodology, risk assessment techniques and internal reporting procedures for a variety of legal finance groups.

For more information on the services that we provide for legal finance groups and law firms in regard to legal finance, contact our attorneys today. We will gladly discuss our services and string of past successes.

If you are an attorney or a plaintiff and you are seeking legal funding, our attorneys can provide referrals that would best address your needs, and would most efficaciously facilitate successful claims.

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