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Equitable Distribution

Equitable distribution of assets is another contentious issue arising from divorce proceedings. Sometimes it is hard to determine who is the rightful owner of what. Other times, both parties have a strong sentimental attachment to a certain asset. Almost invariably, complex issues of valuation and classification arise. Valuation generally requires the assistance of an assessor, and can bring up issues of competing valuations. Additionally, there are serious tax consequences that will inevitably arise from the distribution of assets.

Most states make a distinction between marital and non-marital property; the former is the property acquired during the marriage, even if it is only in one party’s name, while the latter concerns that property acquired before the marriage.

One has to remember that equitable distribution does not necessarily imply perfect equality, but rather a sense of fairness. The Law Offices of Gregory Krasovsky put all resources to bear to ensure that a maximally fair agreement is reached. We understand the criteria employed in deciding equitable distribution and the best ways to reach a favorable resolution.

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