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Table Saw Injuries

Millions of Americans have one or more table saws in their homes. These convenient tools allow one to cut wood quickly and precisely. Unfortunately, these tools are also very dangerous. In fact, each year about 30,000 visit the emergency room as a result of table saw injuries.

Engineers realized that the rate of injury from these tools was unacceptable and decided to innovate and create technology that would mitigate the damage to fingers and forearms. They invented a safeguard called SawStop, which detects flesh and immediately turns off the rotating blade.
Although certain groups wanted to mandate the installation of this technology on all table saws, no such binding agreement was made. However, manufacturers are strongly recommended to install this technology in their machines.
If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of table saw injury by a table saw not fitted with SawStop technology or with malfunctioning SawStop technology, contact our attorneys today. We believe you are entitled just recompense for your injuries.


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