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Video Game Seizures

The defective product attorneys working with the Law Offices of Gregory Krasovsky provide legal representation to any plaintiff seeking to file a video game seizure lawsuit. In order to successfully secure a settlement, it is important to have a competent video game seizure lawyer. To initiate legal action, contact a video game seizure attorney today.

While video games are one of America’s favorite pastimes, for certain people, video games can induce potentially deadly seizures. As computer graphics have improved and as massive flat screen televisions become more prevalent and affordable, the risk of seizures from playing video games also increases. Additionally, when an individual plays a game for an extended period of time or sits too close to the screen, the risk is heightened even further.

Individuals with photosensitive epilepsy are the people who might potentially get seizures from playing video games. While those who are aware of their condition should probably be sufficiently circumspect and avoid such games, the real danger arises when young children who have not yet been diagnosed play a game, and specific triggers within that game can cause the onset of the disorder. The reason why the video game makers might be responsible is because the onset of the seizure might not have happened without those specific stimuli.

If you or a loved one has experienced a seizure as a result of playing a video games, contact our attorneys immediately to schedule a free consultation. We believe you are entitled to just recompense for your injuries.


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