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Tardive Dyskinesia

The dangerous drug attorneys at the Law Offices of Gregory Krasovsky provide legal support and representation to any plaintiff seeking to pursue a Tardive Dyskinesia lawsuit. In order to prove culpability for causing Tardive Dyskinesia, you need to have a skilled Tardive Dyskinesia attorney. For legal help, contact a Tardive Dyskinesia lawyer today to schedule a free consultation and take the first step to getting compensated for your injuries.

Tardive Dyskinesia is a serious disorder that causes repetitive, involuntary bodily movements, such as lip smacking, puckering lips, rapid blinking, and grimacing. Additionally, non-facial movements can occur. Sometimes fingers are affected and exhibit strange movements. In effect, people suffering from dyskinesia have difficulty not moving. Tardive Dyskinesia is related to some other disorders such as Tourette’s Syndrome. In fact, tardive tourettism, a variant of Tardive Dyskinesia, can be very difficult to distinguish from Tourette’s Syndrome.

Tardive Dyskinesia is often caused by heavy dosages or pro-longed use of antipsychotics, such as Abilify, Seroquel, Risperdal, Haldol, and Phenergan; antidepressants, such as Prozac; and heartburn drugs such as Reglan.

Antipsychotics are particularly dangerous in regard to Tardive Dyskinesia because they have the propensity of masking the effects and causing the disorder to go untreated for longer periods of time. When usage of the antipsychotic stops, the symptoms break out in full force, although the disorder may have been present for a longer time.

Studies have reported that within the first four years of using antipsychotic drugs, around 20 percent of young adults and 30 percent of patients 55 and older develop symptoms of Tardive Dyskinesia. The longer an antipsychotic is used the higher the probability that symptoms will develop. If these symptoms do develop, the patient may be eligible to secure a Tardive Dyskinesia settlement.

The people at greatest risk of developing Tardive Dyskinesia are females, seniors, and cigarette smokers; however, the exact reasons why these traits increase the probability of developing this disorder are unclear.

Tardive Dyskinesia causes severe social problems, as people become increasingly self-conscious about their facial tics. Many sufferers of Tardive Dyskinesia isolate themselves, quit their jobs, and give up on developing amicable relations.

If you are suffering from Tardive Dyskinesia and believe that prescription drugs are to blame, contact one of our attorneys today to schedule a free consultation.

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