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Smith & Nephew Knee Replacement

The defective medical product attorneys at the Law Offices of Gregory Krasovsky provide legal support and representation to any plaintiff seeking to pursue a legitimate Smith & Nephew Knee Replacement lawsuit. In order to successfully take on large medical device companies, it is necessary to have a competent Smith & Nephew Knee Replacement attorney to help you navigate the legal hurdles. Contact a Smith & Nephew Knee Replacement lawyer to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help you secure a just Smith & Nephew Knee Replacement settlement.

The Smith & Nephew knee replacement systems are intended for patients who experience severe knee pain and inflammation. A surgeon cuts away the damaged bone and replaces the bone with prosthetic parts, some of which are meant to bond to the current bone. This last issue is, however, the problem with these knee replacements: they do not adequately bond to the bone. The result of this failure to bond is that the patient often requires revision surgery; additionally, the defective knee increases the chance of infection and can cause irreversible damage to the remaining biological components.

Smith & Nephew has, as such, recalled two of its models and has also notified the FDA of these issues. As of yet no fewer than 30 patients have had to have revision surgery; however, this number could increase as knee pain begins to manifest itself again. Some patients with the implant presumably do not realize the cause of the pain.

Patients who have had to undergo revision surgery might be eligible for compensation. If you have had revision surgery or will in the future need revision surgery, contact our attorneys today to schedule a free consultation. We can provide assistance in pursuing your case and facilitating the best treatment by helping you seek out legal funding.

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