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Hip Revision Surgery

The defective medical product attorneys at the Law Offices of Gregory Krasovsky provide legal support and representation to any plaintiff seeking to pursue a legitimate Hip Revision Surgery lawsuit. In order to successfully take on large medical device companies, it is necessary to have a competent Hip Revision Surgery attorney to help you navigate the legal hurdles. Contact a Hip Revision Surgery lawyer to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help you secure a just Hip Revision Surgery settlement.

Over the past few years thousands of patients have reported problems with their hip implants and hip replacements. Defective hip implants were implanted into the bodies of patients with Osteoarthritis and Arthritis. After as little as two years, these patients began to report serious pain and discomfort. The Hip Implants that were found to be defective included the DePuy ASR Hip Replacement and the Smith & Nephew Hip Replacement. There are also concerns about the Stryker Hip Replacement system.

If a patient has had a defective hip replacement, he or she will probably have to get revision surgery. This means that the defective part will be removed from the body and a new, non-defective part will be subsequently implanted. It is generally assumed by medical professionals that revision surgery is more difficult than the original surgery and does not create as good outcomes.

Revision surgery could be the fault of the defective medical product manufacturer or the fault of a surgeon who did not take proper care in implanting the part into the body.

In order to know how much compensation you ought to receive from the makers of you defective hip implant (DePuy, Smith & Nephew, or Stryker), you need to tally the following factors:

  • Medical Expenses: Although DePuy has agreed to pay some medical expenses for revision surgery, it will not pay for everything. A hip revision surgery might involve copious amounts of medications and long periods of physical therapy on top of the basic surgery.

  • Lost earnings: Revision surgery can be a painful and debilitating procedure that can cause you to miss extensive periods of work. If you are on painkillers constantly, it is unlikely that you will be very efficient at your job. It is wise to tally lost earnings, if there are any, before deciding how much compensation you need.

  • Pain and Suffering: There is no doubt in anybody's mind that revision surgery is extremely painful. Nobody wants to go under the knife in the first place, and, I repeat, nobody wants to go under the knife for a second time for the same ailment. Although there is no real way to quantify pain and suffering, our legal system makes allowances for an approximation.

  • Loss of Quality of Life: Because a revision surgery is seldom as good as the initial surgery, a loss of quality of life in terms of mobility and functionality is a very important factor in determining a desired settlement amount.

  • Inconvenience: If you were greatly inconvenienced as a result of the revision surgery, you might be entitled to additional compensation. It is really hard to imagine not being inconvenienced by a painful and ultimately avoidable surgery.

  • Emotional Distress: This aspect of pain and suffering also has to be included in your calculations for desired compensations.

Although many patients are able to walk in a short time after the revision surgery, a full recovery can take as long as six months. This full recovery is contingent upon copious amounts of physical therapy and personal willpower. Many people never fully recover from the operation, especially if they are in poor health.

Generally, a patient who has had a hip revision surgery will never recover the full mobility that he or she had before it. The artificial hip has a substantially more limited range of movement than an organic hip. Additionally, certain muscles might be damaged in the replacement process.

If you have had a hip revision surgery or are planning to have a hip revision surgery as a result of a defective hip implant, you are probably entitled to compensation. A skilled defective medical device attorney can help you secure a full recovery. Contact one of our lawyers today for a free and confidential consultation. We look forward to helping you recover financially and physically from your injuries.



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