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Child Custody

The family lawyer at the Law Offices of Gregory Krasovsky provide legal counsel and representation to litigants involved in child custody disputes. A child custody lawsuit requires a skilled family lawyer to assist in ensuring a favorable outcome. A child custody lawyer can ultimately help you keep your children where they belong. If you need competent and experienced legal assistance, contact a child custody attorney today to schedule a free consultation.

Parents seldom want to let go of their children, especially in the midst of painful divorce proceedings. Even if the respective parties can agree on how to split the property, they have a much harder time deciding how to split time with the children. Often times, child custody disputes are dealt with last in divorce proceedings, and this conclusion is oft the most painful. Without early and effective legal advice, a parent can often risk losing custody of the offspring. We understand that being ripped away from your children is painful for you and traumatizing for them.

Conversely, if you believe that your former spouse is for whatever reason not fit to have child custody, we will strive to understand the reasons, and fight on your behalf to maintain full custody.

A variety of Child Custody agreements exist. Sole custody means one parent has complete responsibility over the minor child and has the authority to make all decisions pertaining to the child’s education, health care, and housing. Joint custody, however, means that both parents make decisions regarding the child’s well-being through joint consultation. In either case, one parent will usually have physical custody of the child (in other words, the child usually lives with one parent), and the other parent will have visitation rights. In some cases, parents have shared physical custody of the children. This latter arrangement is usually preferable for parents who live separately in the same city.

Judges use a variety of criteria to determine which parent receives custody of the children. Many of these criteria are highly subjective and require effective and convincing legal counsel to help sway the judge in your favor.

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