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Fracking Lawsuits

Hydraulic fracturing, colloquially known as “fracking,” is a relatively new method of natural gas extraction. While the oil and natural gas industry claim that fracking is entirely harmless, there is good reason to believe that the chemicals used for fracking can damage water supplies and potentially cause cancer. Additionally, there have been reports of earthquakes, which may have been caused by fracking. Consequently, fracking can do substantial damage to your land and signficantly reduce its value. The Law Offices of Gregory Krasovsky can provide effective legal representation to individuals and organizations injured by fracking; contact our attorneys to disuss your legal options.

Hydraulic fracturing is undertaken by injecting a mysterious chemical compound into a two-mile deep well, thus causing a miniature earthquake for the purposes of releasing the natural gas. Natural gas companies have, as of yet, refused to disclose the contents of the chemical compound that might already be in your drinking water. There have been many reports of water becoming non-potable as a result of fracking. Additionally, people have reported contaminated water in their showers, which have caused skin damage.

Some indications that your water has been adversely affected by fracking include:

  • Unusually bad smell emanating from faucets.
  • Water is flammable.
  • Taste of water has changed substantially.
  • Use of water causes skin irritation.

The chemicals used for fracking may cause cancer and neurological problems. If these chemical compounds were as safe as the natural gas companies claim, then presumably, they would release the ingredients to these compounds. Instead thousands of people are reporting respiratory problems, numbness of limbs, and neurological problems. Additionally, fracking does not affect only the land immediately around the drill site. The chemicals can leak into the groundwater and cause injuries hundreds of miles away.

Studies have reported that benzene (a toxic carcinogen) concentration in the air is substantially higher than it should be around hydraulic fracturing wells. The unfortunate part of this finding is that these wells were all less than 1000 feet from residential areas.

Contact our attorneys for a free consultation. We are determined to defend your health and your property.

Contract Law

It has been reported in the New York Times and other reputable news sources that natural gas companies are drafting unfair contracts for the purposes of being allowed to frack on private land. Many people in states such as Pennsylvania and West Virginia have already signed contracts that are unfairly balanced in favor of the natural gas companies. Additionally, natural gas companies are using coercive practices to convince landowners to permit fracking.

If you are approached by a natural gas company that wants permission to frack on your land, be sure that you have consulted an experienced contract lawyer. The Law Offices of Gregory Krasovsky can provide legal representation and consultation to people who are considering signing contracts with natural gas companies or who have already signed said contracts and hope to dispute the terms.

It is the goal of our attorneys to ensure that fairness is maintained in all contracts, especially in those that can seriously damage the health and the property of the contract signer.

Real Estate Law

Fracking on your land or in an area close to your land can seriously damage the value of your property. If underground drinking water is contaminated as a result of fracking, the value of your property will surely decrease. Furthermore, because there is so much uncertainty about the effects of hydraulic fracturing, potential buyers will be hesistant to invest in your property if they feel that the property carries with it undue health risks. Additionally, if you have already signed a contract that allows for future natural gas exploration on your land, the property value of your land will surely plummet.

If you believe your property value has been unfairly impacted by nearby hydraulic fracturing, contact our attorneys today. We are committed to ensuring that the financial situations of our clients are maintained. We are striving to maintain accountability and ensure that the oil and natural gas injuries do not disingenuously exploit hard-working Americans.

Personal Injury

If you believe that your health has been adversely affected as a result of fracking, contact our attorneys immediately. Although we do not know exactly which chemicals are used in fracking, the reports and tests that we have read show that increased concentrations of the following chemicals are found near fracking sites:

  • Arsenic
  • Barium
  • Chromium
  • Lead
  • Benzene
  • Selenium
  • 2-butoxyethanol
  • Boric Acid
  • Ethylene Glycol
  • Methanol

The health problems associated with these chemicals include cancer, damage to the nervous system, brain disorders, death, kidney damage, hemolysis, and bone marrow failure.

However, only about half of the chemicals used in fracking have been adequately studied. The remainder might be innocuous, but there is a high probability that at least some of the 300+ understudied chemicals have serious health effects.

If you live near a fracking site, and you are experiencing health difficulties, we suggest consulting with your physician. If there appears to be any link to any of the chemicals in used in fracking, then contact our fracking lawyers immediately to schedule a free consultation. We are committed to ensuring that our clients receive just compensation for the grievous injury inflicted as a result of irresponsible resource extraction. 

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